SSK Promotion, promotion make possible!

Serving more best in creative marketing + communication agency specializing in creative social engagement through multimedia and social media…
With the Creativity and Sensitivity, we can approach all the desiring of our business clients and partners.
-Trust: We believe in each other.
-Respect: We value all cultures, races and traditions.
-Empowerment: We enhance the involved people, elders and children to use all their most potential power.
-Partnership: We committed to work as partners with companies and other agencies as our value clients.

– Team building
– Producing
– Music Training:
– Designing
– Promoting.
– Arranging and maintaining.

>> Our Main Services: 1-Event Management, 2-Multimedia Production, 3-Music Training Club, 4-Marketing Consultation

Our Detail Services

– Produce Audio CD- Produce MTV VCD/DVD- Produce New Music/song
– Producing Audio Documentary- Producing spot Audio/Video,
– Producing Karaoke/Film- Video/Film Editing,- Film making,
– Photographing- Karaoke/Film Directing- Intern. Documentaries,
– TV Advertising spots,- Radio Advertising spots,- NGO Advocacy Videos
– Setting Up/Design Sound Studio and Video Studio- Setting Up/Design Sound System for parties, Club. – Event Management- Event MC/Dj/Singers/Breaking Dance with Sound System

Our Multimedia Training
– Piano, Organ, Guitar, Lead, Guitar Solo, Bass Guitar, Drum, Music Composition, Song Writing,
Music Computer Studio Operation, Video Editing, Video Graphic Design, Design and 3D.

More Detail:
Call: 086 33 699, 069 30 9999,
Office: 08989 4343

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